The sale of hieratic face masks used in the film V for Vendetta and adopted by activists in public protests, is an extra income for the company, which owns the image rights of the film and in the last year had earnings of 28,000 million. Since then,  the Fawkes mask is one of the best selling items in online stores like Amazon and eBay, and even outsells the products of Batman, Harry Potter or Darth Vader. In addition to British traditions, the figure of Fawkes was taken after the film by anonymous activists in public protests after the computer attack against the Church of Scientology.   


Another time, a prototype of the Iphone 5 was left in a bar

An employee of Apple forgot what was said could be the Iphone 5, a case similar to what happened in April 2010. So far Apple has not made any comment on this information. It is said that one or two days after it has been lost, the company contacted the police and said that the equipment had an invaluable cost and wanted to recover it safely and the quickly as possible.

Cava 22. 197 Bartlett/Street, San Francisco, California, United States


This image was taken on Friday, two days after Jobs resigned the executive management of the company he co-founded. The photograph was published by the  American portal TMZ and some people doubt of his truthfulness. Not much is known about his health but this photo suggest that he is not well.


When do you think Iphone 5 will be launch on?

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple plans to launch Iphone 5 for the three majors operators of the USA: Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Iphone 4 was one of the best selling iphones, so it is believed that Iphone 5 will get more sales including it will have a higher price.